Maria & Myselfies - A transcendental - electroid performance on the iconography of Mary

Attracted by the pictorial representation of sacred Marian paintings, Maria & Myselfies tells of the confrontation with a religious ideal image and archetype: Mary - the holy virgin and mother of God as an overpowering female image that triggers fascination and defence mechanisms at the same time.
Winnie Luzie Burz uses her body and voice to collage herself into works of art by great masters. The critical examination of this highly contradictory myth leads to a musically and visually powerful performance. In the confrontation of the two-dimensionality of old paintings with a three-dimensional woman, an "unheard-of" musicality develops - arranged in the span of a soprano voice, fragments of an organ and the electronic sound cosmos of the 21st century.

Dauer: ca. 60 Minuten

What Winnie Luzie Burz is doing there under the direction of Florian Feisel and the artistic support of Stefanie Oberhoff is terrific. From the visual material as well as the musical realisation, this performance tells of the fascination of these wonderful pictures and this wonderful music.

Fidena Portal / Manfred Jahnke

It is - and this is certainly in the literal sense - a materialization of the spiritual that takes place here. (...) The effect is like irritating phenomena when Burz makes her hands, her hair, her face appear in the pictures. It is a simple effect that is due to holes in the fabric, but which, thanks to music, gestures and lighting, condenses into a delightful play of the imaginative.

Leipziger Volkszeitung / Steffen Georgi

Play & Development:

Winnie Luzie Burz

Music & Development:

Johannes Treß


Florian Feisel

Musical support:

Johannes Frisch

Artistic support:

Stefanie Oberhoff


Heike Erath (Mimikry)

Maria & Myselfies Trailer